Equestrian establishments 

The landscape of the Downs and Harbours project area is shaped by farming, including equestrian establishments.
We work together with equestrian owners to reduce excessive nutrients and other losses to groundwaters, rivers and harbours by promoting best land management practices and offering free specialist advice on pasture, soil and manure management.
Please take a look at our awareness leaflet for further information.
Further information

The Environment Agency, alongside many other organisations offer guidelines for good practice on horse care, pasture and waste management practices. For more information please do follow the below links:

Environment Agency 



Surrey County Council

Marin County (USA)

The D&H programme is indebted to Frances Standen, with whom much of the advice regarding horse ownership has been developed. The D&H programme possesses a limited number of her excellent and free CDs, 'Managing Land For Horses', produced with support from SEEDA, CPRE, EA and Defra. The advice can also be found within the following guidance report, to which Frances was the sole/principal contributor: