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Manure Management

Manure tends to be viewed as a waste rather than a valuable source of nutrients and soil organic matter. Its application provides nutrients for crop production, improves soil structure as well as help water-holding capacity and can reduce the amount of commercial fertiliser needed to maximise yield. However, livestock manures also have the potential to cause environmental pollution if not handled and stored carefully. Manure management plans draw together a wide range of techniques focused on slurry and manure production, storage, treatment and application of farm effluent and can help to demonstrate that applications are in line with good agricultural practices.

The Plan
  • provides a reminder of no spread zones 

  • highlights the volume of material produced compared with on-farm storage capacity 

  • keeps manures and slurries out of watercourses that helps to retain nutrients on the farm and to protect surrounding water quality

If you are interested in having a free manure management plan produced please contact the Project Manager for more details.


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