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Woodland Creation

Portsmouth Water work in partnership with other organisations to help to achieve common goals to protect the environment, conserve and enhance biodiversity and safeguard water quality.

Hampshire County Council has a target to plant one million trees by 2050 as part of its climate change and nature recovery plans. The Hampshire Forest Partnership has been set up by the County Council to deliver this aim, working with communities, landowners, businesses, charities and organisations

Hampshire Forest Partnership - Hampshire County Council Website




Hampshire Forest Partnership aim to:


  • encourage tree planting across Hampshire

  • give advice and guidance on planting the right trees in the right places

  • share the positive ways tree planting helps the environment and nature recovery

  • help communities to get involved in tree planting activities

Hampshire County Council " Shoots Along the Routes" Campaign aim to 

improve landscape connectivity outside woodland areas. We will be providing free trees to landowners and land managers to create over 630 kilometres of new green networks across the county.  The networks will follow the routes of several A and B-roads across Hampshire and the scheme will support eligible tree planting schemes within a 2km wide corridor along the routes to boost nature recovery.


By following the trajectory of these roads, the trees can deliver on ecosystem services by creating stepping-stones for nature across our towns and villages, as well as through the more rural parts of Hampshire. It is hoped the scheme will deliver a multitude of benefits including other ecosystem services such as

reduction of noise pollution, improvement in soil health,

cooling the air and alleviating

flood risk.

Please contact for more information, an Expression of Interest Form and Guidance on eligibility.

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how to get involved

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