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South Downs Farmers Group

The South Downs Farmers Group is a group of leading farmers working together to share ideas and farm in a way which delivers public benefits, including high quality, affordable food, as well as enhancing the natural environment and local wildlife. To find out more about the group please visit: 

Interested in joining?

If you would like to learn more about the Group and the work being undertaken by our farmers please contact the Facilitator, Colin Hedley
by email or phone 07866 443053


The Downs and Harbours Partnership works very closely with this group through Portsmouth Water's Catchment Management Work, in which Portsmouth Water supports the facilitation of the group. This allows Portsmouth Water to work with these farmers to develop and support their catchment management delivery to protect and improve water resources quality.

South Downs Farmers Group - Meet the Farmer videos

1. Andrew Fisk, Heberdens Farm

2. Simon Budden, Netherley Farm Partnership

3. Nick Atkinson, South Farm

4. Stuart Reid, The Watergate Estate

5. Will Atkinson, Will Atkinson Farms

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