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The landscape of the Downs and Harbours project area is shaped by farming.

We work together with farmers and other landowners to reduce excessive nutrients losses to groundwaters, rivers and harbours. This also has the added economical benefits for farmers due to lower fertiliser inputs. The partnership offers a number of free services and grants to support farmers and landowners in the project area to deliver water quality and environmental improvements.

Grants for Farmers

There are a number of grants available to farmers to help make reducing excessive nutrient losses from their farms economically viable. To read more about the grants on offer and to find the option that would work best for your farm, please follow the page below:

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Trials and research

We continually work with farmers to improve our services to them in order to deliver water quality and environmental improvements across the downs and harbours catchment area. The research we are undertaking provides evidence that nitrogen inputs can be reduced whilst maintaining crop yield.

To hear success stories from other farmers about how we have helped reduce their nutrient losses to groundwater click below:

Testimonials & Case Studies

Hear from other farmers themselves about how the advice and grants available has helped them. 

South Downs Farmers Group

The South Downs Farmers Group is a group of leading farmers working together to share ideas and farm in a way which delivers public benefits, including high quality, affordable food, as well as enhancing the natural environment and local wildlife.


To find out more about this group and how to join follow the page below:

Events and Workshops

We have a number of workshops available on our website to help farmers learn more about the importance of reducing nutrient losses to groundwater from their fields.

Follow the page below to explore more:

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