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Equine risks


Portsmouth Water abstracts groundwater contained within the Chalk rock (aquifer) of the South Downs to supply public drinking water in your area. The underlying aquifer is vulnerable to the risk of nutrients and other losses to groundwater which are closely linked to land use.

Environmental risks from equine establishments

  • The storage of oil - particularly heating oil

  • The storage of chemicals - including sterilizing agents, biocides, disinfectants and medicines

  • Foul drainage - including that from associated houses and offices

You should store pool chemicals in a secure area or within a bunded storage area, preferably covered by a roof. The store should be sited on a solid base, with a surrounding wall that is resistant to chemical attack. There should be no drainage outlet, and chemical spillages should be contained and soaked up with an absorbent material. In the event of a spill you must contact the environment agency immediately if chemicals enter or might enter surface water drains.

Environment Agency Contact

Please get in contact with the environment agency if any oils or chemicals spill into surface water drains

0800 80 70 60

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