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Equine resources

Advice from Portsmouth Water

We offer free and confidential services to support equine establishments through our Downs & Harbours Clean Water Partnership programme; a forward thinking initiative formed by Portsmouth Water, Natural England and the Environment Agency aimed to tackle diffuse water pollution issues affecting the quality of ground, surface and coastal waters in West Sussex and East Hampshire.


We can offer: 

  • Free visit to discuss paddock management to help get the best out of your grazing for happier healthier horses and to advice on manure management.

  • Free soil sampling to check the nutrient status of paddocks.

  • Possible subsidised capital grants for infrastructure improvements including fencing, in-field water management and so forth

  • Equine focused workshops on soil, pasture and manure management.

Image by Moriah Wolfe

The landscape of the Downs and Harbours project area is shaped by farming, including equestrian establishments.
We work together with equestrian owners to reduce excessive nutrients and other losses to groundwaters, rivers and harbours by promoting best land management practices and offering free specialist advice on pasture, soil and manure management.
Please take a look at our awareness leaflet for further information.


Equiculture is an organisation that offers advice to horse owners on how to manage their land in a way that is best for horses and also best for the environment. They offer books, online courses, talks, consultations and many more resources. If you would like to find out more please see their website below.

Useful contacts

Environment Agency 0800 80 70 60 (24 hour incident hotline)


The Horse Trust helpline 01494 488 464


BHS helpline 0844 848 1666


NFSCo helpline 0845 054 8888


Defra helpline 08459 33 55 77

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